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Please can someone help me! I have a male spinone and he is going to be 2 in October. He has had an intestine problem since he was 12 weeks old.
It started the day after his injections with severe diarrhoea, it was runnier than water. It took alot of T.L.C to get rid of it and numerous antibiotics over quite a few months. The only sign that he was and is still ill is the fact that his toilet ranges from yellow to green colours and even orange. It is never completly solid but lukily he hasn't had very runny poo for quite sometime.
After pestering my vet for ages because I knew there was somthing still wrong he did a TLI Folate blood test.The first came back as follows: Folate 8.1 should be between 8.2 -13.5 Cobalamin 235 should be between 275 - 590. Low cobalamin is B12 and in this instance is suggestive if intestine disease. The second came back as follows :folate 6.9 Shold be between 8.2 - 13.5. Cobalamin 200 should be between 275 - 590.In this instance sugestive of severe intestinal disease. I am currently waiting for some more results to come back to see if he has got worse or better.
After the first test he was put on Prozyme powder to go on his food which is a natural bacteria incase he hasn't got the right balance of good and bad bacteria in his stomach. He has also had a dye put through his system to see if he had a blockage, he hasn't and now he is also on protexin powder as well also incase he hasn't got the right balance. I am now waiting for allergy tests to come back to see if he is allergic to his food and if that comes back negative he may have to have a biopsy done on his intestines, which is very invasive and involves cuting slices of his intestines away to be sent for tests.
Pleases help me I feel that I'm going round in circles trying to get him better. It has been suggested to try him on some more antibiotics but my question to that was why? When we do not know the cause of the problem.
Because of the low B12 he has had bald patches, his nails are growing hollow and it has stunted his growth.
He is also on nutro which has been the best so far at keeping his toilet more normall.
Is there anyone out there that has had the same or similar problems, please get in touch.
Thankyou, a very distressed owner !!

Re: Health

Hi Katy, I was so sorry to read your email you must be beside yourself with worry, I am sorry that I can't give you the answer that will make your Spin well again but I would suggest that maybe a second opinion maybe of some help....Your vet has had 2yrs to find out what is causing your Spin to be ill like this and he has failed, maybe just maybe a different vet could find the answer....I know they can be expensive but a veterinary hospital may be the way to go...I really hope you can find the answer and he will soon be on the road to recovery....
take care

Re: Health

I have been scanning the Spinone Web sites as my husband & I are thinking of rescuing a Spinone to go with our 3rd rescued Great Dane who is also adorable...I digress!!
I was VERY interested to read your Spinone tale of woe as our Dane has also been suffering similar intestinal problems. We have provided the vet with blood & poo specimens & the only thing they have come up with so far is that it's not Pancreatic problems but there is something wrong but they don't know what. His suggestion was either to give her antiboitics or find a food which agrees with her & at present we have tried Supadog sensative to no avail (in fact it made things worse)& have got her back on track with rice & tins of Chappie but she is getting bored of this & we are getting fed up with cooking tonnes of rice!! We are going to try her on Bakers Sensative, but if that doesn't work we are not sure what to try next. You mentioned something called nutro?? What is that exactly?
I know we havn't had the problem for as long but it is still worrying & we would appreciate any suggestions as poor Jenny although bright & eager to please has days when she is very miserable.
Also I can only find 1 rescue centre for Spinones do you know of any others?
Thank you