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this will probably go against the grain with most people but I am interested in an undocked Spinone and wondered if anyone knows of any breeders out there prepared to leave said tail complete?

Re: tails?

My Spinone was bought from Julie Stevenson from Daventry. I understand that one of the litter had an undocked tail, because he was chosen before the vet came to perform the act. The rest of the litter had their tails docked so we had no choice. She may be able to help you if she is still breeding Spinone. (Ours is 3 and a half). I e-mailed her the other day through one of the Spinone websites.

Re: tails?

Hi Ive just seen your entry on spins with tails ive got 3 now with tails 2boys and 1 girl,im hoping to breed them in the future and youve helped me a lot as i couldn`t decide whether to go ahead as iam totally against tail docking and everyone keeps telling me i won`t be able to sell them if they were to have tails. I got my boys from Annette Dinsdale she is on the champdogs web site under spinone breeders, I did have to choose when they were just a day old so its not really a good way of choosing but all her dogs a beautifull and she really seems to know what shes doing, and my 2 boys are gorgeous (not that im biased you understand) I hope this has helped let me know how you get on

Re: Re: tails?

I am looking for a spinone puppy who has a natural tail. I want a brown raon ***** (preferably), although would love any colour or sex.

I work part-time at a Veterinary Practice and more and more people tell me that they love a particular beed but unfortunatley they are a docked breed and are having difficulties getting the dog they want with a natural tail. If they do find a breeder willing to not dock a puppies tail for them - they up the price of the puppy by as much as 50%!

If you have any information to help me find a breeder who is willing to not dock a puppies tail ( and is not tattooed) please let me know.

Kind regards


Re: Re: Re: tails?

I breed undocked spinone.
Check out my website-