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our dog " wont come back"

We have a 16 month old Spinone ( Archie) and , when we take him for a walk, he has to be kept on the lead because, if he sees another dog he's away and will not come back when called. Usually most owners wait and we can go and get him but, if the other owner keeps walking, Archie just follows and follows until he sees another dog and then he's off again!! We keep getting told" he's just a rebellious teenager, he'll get better"!! is he??
Any suggestions ?? please... please!!

Re: our dog " wont come back"

Katie is now nearly 10 and still won't come back when called. We have taken her to obedience classes for several years, taken advice from a professional dog handler. It is if she goes deaf and being stubborn as a mule just turns and runs.. so she is still on a lead

Re: Re: our dog " wont come back"

My Spinone is 4 and he won't come back! He is the smartest thing since sliced bread but he is still on a lead. Such a shame he needs to run but off lead he just keeps on going. He understands basic obedience, has been to classes and is exellent at new tricks, but I long for the day when he can be free and will gambol ,run, but come to us. The only place we release him is at the beach where he can run himself into the ground,racing through the water edge back and forth. When he tires,ha Ha its cheese butties and home, a happy dog.
We know Spinones are easy to train but they are, or he is, so stubborn .Good to get it off your chest, Our motto is "out with the running shoes, and whatever you do DON'T Drop The Lead!"

Re: Re: Re: our dog " wont come back"

We lost our old boy last year but right to the last year or so if he got on a scent we would have problems.

We now have a twenty week old Spinone ( once you have had one....) who we are training off the lead by using cooked liver but everyday he seem's to be getting more independent, like you say better get the running shoes out !

Re: Re: Re: Re: our dog " wont come back"

I have a five year old spin Honey and a year old Bee.
Honey will pretend to be very good off the lead whilst by the river. If you don't catch her coming out she heads off into the fields!! Her head goes down and she is lost, a small speck in the distance.
Until she deciedes she has had enough and I have lost my voice. She is now on a long lead, my heart and voice cannot take it anymore.
Bee on the other hand has been brought into a group of three obediant labradors and two collie x's both well behaved. She is now just over a year and has been no trouble (touch wood). She likes to play more than following her instincts- hopefully this will stay forever!
I can but hope.