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Holiday Homes for Dogs

Our Spinones girls are 16mnths old and 9mnths old. We are thinking of going abroad for holiday in November and have never left them before. I really don't like the thought of putting them into Kennels and I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who takes them into their homes to look after.

Re: Holiday Homes for Dogs

We've had enquiries from Members in the past regarding Spinone holiday homes. Whilst not being able to give you any specific contacts at this time it may certainly be worthwhile the Society trying to set up a list of people who might be willing to look after a Spinone or two at holiday times. I know lots of people are reluctant to put their Spinone into boarding kennels. I will certainly put this suggestion forward in our next newsletter and possibly on the Society website to see if there is any response/interest and if there's anyone reading this forum who would like to be included as being able to offer temporary holiday accommodation to Spinoni perhaps they could contact me.

Re: Re: Holiday Homes for Dogs

Sandra, thanks for the response. Sounds like a great idea. Please put my name on the list as being able to offer holiday accommodation.

Re: Holiday Homes for Dogs

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