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If you'd like to ask us any questions about the breed, tell us about your dog and share your Spinone stories or just say "Hello" to other Spinone enthusiasts please join our forum. We'd love to "hear" from you!

Southern Italian Spinone Society Forum
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Fearful Spinone

We have a 18 month old neutered male spinone who is becoming more fearful and as a result more aggressive towards postal workers or anyone who approaches our front door. We live on a corner lot and subsequently see quite a bit of neighborhood foot traffic along with vehicals. He is excercised regularly and taken everywhere we go, however since the fall school year has begun he has started chasing cars, barking at people and frightening our postal workers. Has anyone experienced anything similar with their dog and if so how have you resolved this issue. We recently have hired a professional trainer to assist but I fear this is an inherant trait of the spinone to be fearful. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.