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If you'd like to ask us any questions about the breed, tell us about your dog and share your Spinone stories or just say "Hello" to other Spinone enthusiasts please join our forum. We'd love to "hear" from you!

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Coat king

Hi im going to get a coat king to use on Lily but im not shore wich one has any one a idea please.
Thank you.

Re: Coat king

On the HUB International web site they have two Coat Kings recommended for Spinoni - the difference being the number of blades, either 16 or 20. I personally use the smaller one with 16 blades which measures just over one inch in diameter - as the blades are very close together I can't imagine that the extra 4 blades would make very much difference. The web address for the HUB site in case you haven't got it is and there's a good photograph of both sizes.

Re: Re: Coat king

Hi Sandra,
Thank you i will get the 16 one.
Ella & Lily