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Muzzle to fit?

Hi there anybody . I need a muzzle for a long snouted Male Spinone to stop him nibbling his back paws folowing an operation. Yes ,he will tolerate an Elizabethan collar but its unweildy and inconvenient at times. Can't find a type to fit . The nylon ones still allow licking ,so a Baskerville type would be the answer, But we cant work out the size ,he has such a lovely BIG Head! .Help

Re: Muzzle to fit?

I use a size 8 baskerville on my boy when he is chewing loads. Fits him comfortably, well tolerated and if he needs a little extra nose room take out the insert at the end.

The fabric muzzles should only be used briefly such as for an exam and never kept on for any length of time. Because they hold the muzzle closed the dog can't pant or vomit safely.

I normally use a moon collar on Rio when he is really chewy, it's a blow up collar that goes round his neck like a spinal neck brace and stops him turning to reach his rear. Much better tolerated than a buster collar, he can still move normally and rest comfortably so you don't get the two speed, standstill or full speed ahead and coffee tables and the backs of knees are safe. Only problem I've had is he's worked out how to undo the valve so I now have to tape it closed after I've inflated the collar. Spinoni, definitely not dumb!

Kate and Rio the itchy spin!