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If you'd like to ask us any questions about the breed, tell us about your dog and share your Spinone stories or just say "Hello" to other Spinone enthusiasts please join our forum. We'd love to "hear" from you!

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Spinone with other dogs?

Hi there. We have to move on our boxer ***** as she has started being aggresive with other dogs (although good with our 16 month old boy). As my husband tends to work away from home I'd like another dog. We agree that other than being good with children, being really good with other dogs is pretty much the most important factor.
Would we be making a mistake getting a sponone?

Re: Spinone with other dogs?

If your Boxer has become aggressive with other dogs all of a sudden there must be a reason for that. Surely you should spend the time socialising her instead of moving the problem on to someone else!
A Spinone is very biddable but if not socialised properly could easily end up the same as your Boxer.