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nervous spione with acute separation anxiety

Hi everyone. Help! has anyone else dealt with separation anxiety in their young spinone? My girl is 16 months old and has never learned to be alone. I'm following an intensive programme now but we have setbacks just when we reach 5 mins (this has taken 13 weeks!!) could do with some moral support, as it's so frustrating..or even some respite care for a day, with other dogs, but i live in the north!!

Re: nervous spione with acute separation anxiety


I would strongly suggest that you get professional help with this dog. It is important that the correct diagnosis is made in why your dog cannot be left alone. This is an emotional problem or varying severity. Look up Association of Pet behaviour counsellors on the net and see who is in your area. If the probelm is very severe your dog may even need medication whilst conducting a careful and gradual behaviour modification programme, but this would be discussed between the Behaviour counsellor and referring veterinary surgeon. These problems can take some time to reduce or resolve.

Re: nervous spione with acute separation anxiety

Hi Tanya,
thanks for your email & thanks to Lynne for her support. I'm continuing with the behaviourist's programme-it's been 5 months now, but signs of progress are slowly coming. In fact, I can pop out for between 8-10 mins & mostly she's quiet. I've got a homeopathic vet helping with the anxiety and things are definitely spooking her less.
onwards & upwards.