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Southern Italian Spinone Society Forum
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Whether to get a puppy or re home an older dog

I have 2 beautiful spinones. Both ******* my older one is 12 (13yrs in May) and my 2nd is 10 yrs old
My older dog is getting very frail and is struggling with her walks now. I m trying to be brave and enquire now as we are all going to be devastated when we lose her but I'm realistic she probably has nt got long
My dilemma is what to do for the best for my younger dog
Do I get a puppy which could be annoying for her as she's getting on in age too although you would never think it she s very lively still on her walks or do I rehome a Spinone are there many spinones for rehoming as can t believe anyone could not live with one !
I know it's a very personal decision what we do as a family but I would be very interested in other owners experiences
Many thanks. Vicky