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If you'd like to ask us any questions about the breed, tell us about your dog and share your Spinone stories or just say "Hello" to other Spinone enthusiasts please join our forum. We'd love to "hear" from you!

Southern Italian Spinone Society Forum
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Spinone advice!

Hello everyone,

I was hoping someone could give a bit of advice, and thought a forum would be a good place to start!

My wife and I are moving house soon (buying), and as we both had dogs when we were younger, we'd like to get another. We're (as you've guessed...) looking at getting a Spinone.

We're not worried about the exercise, the slobber or anything like that. We've both been around active breeds (I used to have a rescue springer, and my wife had a collie), so we're prepared for that.

What I'm a little concerned about is how much we can leave the dog alone. At the moment, I work from home most of the time, but usually have to go into the office once or twice a week (too far to come home at lunch times). My wife works all week, though in the future she might be able to come home at lunchtimes etc.

As I've read that Spinones can suffer from separation anxiety more than other breeds, I was wondering what people's opinions were about leaving the breed for a couple of days (9-5) a week? My springer had terrible separation anxiety but we were able to train her out of it. Would it be a similar situation with the Spinone? We are very eager to have a dog again, and this breed in particular, but the last thing we'd want to do is not give it a good life!

Thanks for your advice!