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Sherlock Homles And The Destiny Clues

Dear puzzle friends,

The mystery puzzle contest "Sherlock Holmes and the destiny clues" starts on Thursday, 12 AM on blog . The authors of the puzzles are Bojana Vojnović and Marko Obradović. Everybody is welcome to participate. The mystery puzzle contest consists of several logic and other puzzles that combined together give you the final solution. However, since it is a mystery contest, the clues are not always obvious and you have to think your way to the solution. Your goal is to solve the puzzles and find the destiny clues.

You can download all four sheets in zipped file. The password for the puzzles file will be posted on Saturday, 10 AM Central European Time (CET=GMT+01.00). The password for the bonus puzzle is the solution of the puzzle in the story (page 2) without any spaces.

Send your answer to . You can send your answer only once. The winner will be the contestant who first sends the complete answer. In case nobody solves the complete puzzle, the winner will be the one with the biggest number of correct destiny clues. Guessing is not allowed, so the correct answer about the thief is not valid without all correct destiny clues. There is no prize for the winner, the competition is just for fun.

The contest ends on Sunday, 10 PM CET. Two hours before the deadline (8 PM) some hints will be posted as a commentary to this blog entry. If you have any questions, you can ask them as a commentary, too.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the contest!

Nikola Zivanovic

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