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Re: Swearing an oath

Dear Patriot, you're a man close to my heart! I agree entirely with what you said. Seeing your name (Patriot) and the time when you posted your conundrum (just after the new Muslim women representatives swore allegiance in Congress), I guessed where you were getting at politically.

In fact, I made a very similar (though much briefer) comment in a news website, stating (roughly) that it is a contradiction for these women to swear allegiance to the US constitution over a Koran, when the Koran is a supremacist document instructing Muslims to takeover and rule over the whole world. We live in sad times in this respect.

I've written some critical stuff on Islam and the Koran, by the way. Here: and here:

As regards Christianity, I would like to recommend to you (and everyone) an excellent book that I am currently reading and almost finished: Paul Johnson's A History of Christianity. Great writer. He also has A history of the Jews, that I read before. Unfortunately, he does not have a history of Islam.

Returning to your shot-from-the-hip paradox, something could be built there, similar to the Liar Paradox, or maybe Russell's Book Catalogue Paradox. But of course, like all paradoxes, it will be resolvable. Once you get into very detailed analysis, you find the logical fault(s) involved.

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