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Re: I'm offering a prize to solve one of Lewis Carroll's elementary logic problems using modern me

I look forward to hearing about Gregg's work. I couldn't see anything.

I have a love/hate opinion of Bartley. I loved the fact that he made Dodgson's work available. However, I felt he disparaged Dodgson unfairly. I don't remember him being critical of the Logicist school. But, I wasn't really reading the book for Bartley's opinion on logic. I was reading to get a better look at what Dodgson was doing. I view 20th century logic as a retreat into mysticism. This sort of thing happens when progress stalls. I think Bartley entertained thoughts that modern logic represented an advance in human knowledge. I don't remember him bucking any trends.

Where did you see that Bartley sent the schoolboys problem out? I didn't know that. I know that Dodgson was annoying people all over the world with these problems. The schoolboys problem currently has a solution posted on the internet, although not a complete one. I think Froggy's problem is also solved, but I haven't checked it.

Lonergan's Insight is written in the exact style that Thomas Aquinas used. However, Lonergan doesn't mince words, and he intends to be very flexible. Every sentence is loaded with meaning and appreciation for the complexities of human thought and the physical world. The book isn't long in the sense of the number of words, but it's going to be slow reading to comprehend what he's saying. If you like it, you will probably need a tutor, or at least someone to talk with who knows classical philosophy. I had a tutor. The early chapters are a good read, but he's a Jesuit priest, so the end of the book becomes very Roman Catholic at some point. The goal of the book is to justify revealed religion using only philosophy, which is quite a stretch. For example, chapter XIX.10 is "Affirmation of God". Don't feel obligated to read the whole thing.

The real gem is his treatment of epistemology in general.

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