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Please feel free to join our School Refuser message forum discussions. If you have experience of school refusing, you may find it appropriate to respond to previous posts.  Or you may be feeling isolated and wish to express your feelings.  Whatever, your contribtions are welocme. 

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Welcome to the school refusers message forum

This forum is open to all who are concerned about matters related to school refusal - or school phobia, as it sometimes known.

Please honour the boring list of terms and conditions. Regretably, we may have to remove posts that breach these common sense rules.

We have provided two general headings - mental wellbeing and school refusal. We are aware that these are interlinked, but hope that the wellbeing section might also prove useful to parents who are, perhaps, afected themselves by the stressful situation in which they find themselves.

The School Refusers website is primarily for parents, but if you are a child or young person and wish to use it, then please observe the advice in the terms and conditions regarding safe use of the internet.

Indeed, all users should be careful to preserve confidentality.