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There's snow news like snow news

I felt like some light relief, so thought I would share some weather related news.

It was -12 as I walked my younger daughter to school this morning. We have to walk along the road as the pavements are under feet of snow. We don't use it, but there is no school transport during this bad weather. Actually, it is still below freezing, but gloriously sunny.

Only P4,5,6, and 7 are in today, from 'around 9:30' til 3pm. There was no school yesterday, or last week. On Monday, it was p6 and 7 only, but there was a teacher on the door trying to persuade us not to leave the children! Outrageous. Our daughter was one of 11 in school, out of almost 200. But they got their own way when they closed the school early.

Our High School has only local children attending, so is barely functioning. (90% come by bus)

I have not been able to put the rubbish out because the bins are frozen under piles of snow, and the dog got into one of the bin bags last night. I should be cleaning up rather than writing this.

I know some of you have problems with power, water or heating, but hope all are keeping cheerful?