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Help needed - new to all this

Hi I am new here and just wanted to ask those of who have experience what help I should be asking for or expecting for my son. Back in June my 13 year old son had a minor head injury with no lasting damage, except that he has no memory of anything before the accident. The psychologists think that the is some psychological reason why he has lost his memory. He was totally off school until October when he has a phased return to school. The aim was he would be back full time in Jan. However while he did seem to be doing ok he was not really that happy. Then he went back for the first three days and then refused to go in and whenever school was mentioned he starts shaking and then gets really upset. The school and I have tried him going in for a hour to the support unit with me but this only seems to make things worse.

We have been to see a different school which is very small and specialises in children who have problems attending school. He liked the school and talks positively about it but when we suggested that he went and spent the day their he became really panicky and angry again. I would say that he wants to go to school but can’t see a way of doing it.

He does see an art therapist at CAMHS but while he seems to like her she is happy to work with him from his own agenda and refuses to bring up his feelings about school unless he does.

We have a meeting at the school with CAMHS next week and I was just wondering what I should be asking for.


Re: Help needed - new to all this

hi sarah ,i havent been on here for along time but nticed no one had answered your post .my son refused school and used to shake feel sick get really upset one day it was pouring down and he was supposed to be going to school just for one hour but he locked himself in the garden and stood crying its very stressful !it sounds like he is frightened of school or something at there any way you could get work sent home or teach him at home to take the stress off you both i did this and over night my son son now is at areferral unit for vunerable children there are only 20 kids in the school and they all do part time.he gets taught one to one in some lessons and even though its early days he seems to enjoy it,if you go on the other link for school refusers it has lots of ladies in the same position as you they can probably give you better advice.take care donna