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Unconditional Support for Parents

Hello fellow parents,

I am a mum and a mindfulness teacher who cares deeply for the healthy emotional development of children.
I believe this starts with supporting parents, no matter what. After meeting many stressed parents who are in the cycle of being too busy or stressed to really be with their child, then feeling guilty for it afterwards, I'd like to help break that cycle with an online mindfulness based course to reach more people at a fraction of the cost. It would include a support forum, interesting seminars, live webinars, workbooks, the works. The main aim would be to create a safe place for parents to come to while giving real tools you can use to break the stress continuum no matter what your circumstances are.

I also teach children and would like to develop an online version for kids too but I feel it's better the parents take a course first so that they can better understand what the children will be learning.

Before I develop the course, I'd really like your input. Is this a good idea? What would you most like out of a course like this? I'd love to hear from real parents who can really help me shape this into something that would really help. If you do think this is a good idea please let me know as the government may help this get off the ground this if enough people do!

You don't have to know a thing about Mindfulness to have an opinion. You just have to be a parent who cares.

Thank you so much in advance,