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School Refusal
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Had enough

When do you give up and decide to home ed. I think I have had enough and want to home ed but I am scared , scared it is not the right thing to do and scared I won't be able to do it properly.

Re: Had enough

Hi Cathy

I can understand how you feel - sounds like you are quite sick of the whole thing - not surprising - it takes its toll, doesn't it. There are a few people on here who have gone down the home schooling road and they have positive comments regarding this - I have not heard any negatives.
There are organisations that can help support you as well. Perhaps get in touch with a local home schooling group and see what you think. You might find there are others you can talk to who have been through the same thing.

How long has the school refusing been going on? Has the school been of any help? CAHMS given any support?
There might be someone else on here who can give you some direct advice re home schooling.

If your gut feeling tells you that you need to homeschool - you are probably going to have to just trust yourself but not also put high expectations on yourself or your child - because if it doesn't work - it doesn't matter - you have tried just another avenue. But that is probably why you need to get talking to others so that if you have any problems - you can turn to them.

You may know of this site - but it gives lots of links to groups and resources and so forth. Check it out and see if there is anything of help to get started (they have a section on getting started)

Let us know what you decide to do - and keep checking back as there might be others who can help from their own experience.
Best wishes