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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Here's hoping for all of us that no matter what we have thrown at us this year- that we are able to move forward - even if slowly - and see some light along the way. And hoping our children find just a bit more strength to help themselves also move forward.

Remember to do nice things for yourself - keep up a hobby or go for a coffee with a friend.
Give your child a hug for the new year and remember non of you are alone - we are all on this journey together.
Take care and all the best
Linda xx

Re: Happy New Year

Thanks Linda, I hope things move forward positively for your son and yourself this year. Have you still got holiday time down under? In the uk they went back today. Is your mother much better now? I hope you are enjoying time off from school pressures and that 2014 has started brightly.

I look at my daughter now and she is in a very different place to just over a year back when she would not attend school or come out of her room. I had very real fears back then about her harming herself as well as her lack of communicating, eating and sleeping.

She isn't exactly bouncing with joy about school life and being 15yo either but she is attending and she has made an in school friend who has now been for 2 sleepovers. She goes into town on her own occasionally to meet another family friend. She sleeps and eats better (not great but still progress0 and her mood is generally more happier and upbeat, though she still has a lot of solitary and quiet time too. These are all huge steps forward for her and not living with the constant stress and pressure is still kind of unreal to me, it is taking me time to heal from it all too.

Progress does come but each SR child is unique and they will heal in their own time and in their own ways, with us supporting them all the way.