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School Refusal
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How is everyone?

Hi all

Just wondering how some of you were getting on - as I know there was some difficult times and decisions and action or non action happening - in particular Leah, Foxy Beccy and Jo and also Terskac - how are things now?

We are still hanging in there. My son walked out of the school on the Monday - had a meltdown an couldn't get out of the car on the Tuesday but I got my ex to come and take him for the rest of the week and things have gone back to 'normal'. But it is always touch and go as I can see that having been put in class where he knows no-one - it is a struggle as it takes time to make friends.
I did tell his father about both days - but asked if he could keep it under his hat, so to speak - as I had already lost my cool and we'd moved on. He found this extremely difficult - was really annoyed with both me and my son for this as well as the fact that my son had walked out of school (he thought the school should give him a detention) - and turned up on the Wednesday in a bad mood that didn't help anyone! Now I know why I sometimes just don't tell him.
A detention, from my point of view, would just turn my son further against the school and next time he left the school he'd probably wander all day and come home at home time. It is that difference between me seeing my son has a disorder and his father seeing it more as a behaviour issue.

They have a school camp coming up in two weeks time and my son has flatly refused to go. I didn't expect he'd jump at the idea - so have just made a few encouragements but know he won't go. It's not vital (although the school keeps emphasising it is compulsory).
Anyway - still hanging in there! And hope you all are too.
Take care

Re: How is everyone?

Really just shows how different two parents see SR.
I think a lot of men think if the child 'just' goes into school everthing will be okay. Males tend to have a simplistic, black/.white approcah to things, and it can lead to such frustration.

Sorry to read your son walked out of school, but glad he's ok and willing to go back.
Don't stress too much about the camp. Always hated the pressure schools put on child/parent to conform, always felt like no one was really listening.

Take care.