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Lecturer with anxiety freezes in national television and helps others

Hi everyone

You may have seen or read about an Australian lecturer who yesterday stumbled and froze during a live TV interview. The good thing that has come out if this is that after he recovered he wrote an article about what happened to try and help others understand anxiety.His article seems to have gone viral and is able to be read all over th internet. Here is a link:

It is worth reading in respect to his description of leading up to the interview as well as the interview, which I assume most of our kids feel in the school environment or leading up to attending. Perhaps despite the embarrassment he went through, with this being so public, we will see a better understanding of anxiety from others. We can at least hope. There are some website links at the bottom of his article that you may find helpful.

Hope you are all hanging in there...let us know how you are managing, or not managing....don't struggle on your own.
Take care