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Meet up

I don’t know how many people would be interested but just an idea if people would like a get together a meet up of sorts , a chance to talk and kids to engage?
Who’d be interested
Thanks x

Re: Meet up

Hi Carly where are you based? I imagine people are all over England? How are things have they improved?

Re: Meet up

Hi Carly
Let others know where you are and someone nearby might get in touch. It is a good idea and I wish more get togethers did occur as parents and kids need thwt support from people who understand. We often suffer in isolation.
I know in the past a couple of people on here organised for their kids to connect with each other via internet games and I think the mums weree in phone contact.
There was also a group that started up somewhere in the UK but I cannot recall where it was but will look through the archives for you.
How are things going for you?
Linda x