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Please feel free to join our School Refuser message forum discussions. If you have experience of school refusing, you may find it appropriate to respond to previous posts.  Or you may be feeling isolated and wish to express your feelings.  Whatever, your contribtions are welocme. 

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School Refusal
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Best wishes for holiday season

It has been very quiet on here lately. I hope that means that there is other help out there these days.
This forum has been going for about 9 years, set up by Simon, and a life saver fro many of us who had no where to go and find help.
Mental health has become better understood during these years, but so many of the same problems keep surfacing.
There are many ways of getting support and different alternatives to going straight through mainstream schooling. Hang in there!

Wishing everyone a merry christmass and a positive and peaceful new year.
Take care,
Linda xx