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School Refusal
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School Refusal Survivor (now 37)

Hey Everybody-

I ran across this site today at work and thought maybe I could contribute. When I was in third grade I very abruptly refused to go to school. My refusal lasted the better half of that school year. I have vivid memories of a lot of individual events, like the day I first refused to go inside. I also have pretty good recall of the types of things I was thinking about at the time it was happening. I didn't have any significant anxiety issues prior to 3rd grade. I dealt with a fair amount of anxiety issues afterwards, like needing an adult awake in the house when I was trying to sleep, not wanting to sleep away from home, and some mild panic attacks. I was effectively anxiety free before leaving high school and have had no problems as an adult.

I ultimately had a normal high school experience. I played sports and had a lots of friends. I went to Michigan State where I got my masters and have been working as a CPA since 2005.

I read about school refusal every once in a while and am kinda surprised by the lack of material. It had a huge impact on my (and my family's) life. I thought about co-writing a book with my mom who was an elementary school teacher but it never materialized. I thought maybe some parents on here might have some questions I may be able to answer in terms of how school refusal can impact your child and how they feel/think as its happening. Not all pleasant, but I did 100% pull out of it.

I'm happy to share anything people may wonder about.


Re: School Refusal Survivor (now 37)

Hi Ryan

Thanks for sharing your message.
I have had trouble sending my reply through for some reason.

What do you think helped you move through that anxiety and come out on the other side sooner than some kids do?
What kind of help did you get?

Thanks Ryan - great that you have been able to move forward like this.