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Good news

Hi many of you won't know me but I was an active member on here for several years when my son refused school for the majority of high school. I know exactly what you are all going through believe you me I my heart goes out to you. Today I have received the most amazing news that my son now 23 has just been offered a support role for SEN teaching...I couldn't be more proud and I know he will be amazing because he understands. So never give up hope there is light at the end of that tunnel. Hi Linda and Simon WE DID IT x

Re: Good news

Many congratulations to you both! I am so pleased for you.

It has been a long hard journey, and there will still be ups and downs, I expect, but the ups will be higher and the downs less so - but that is life.

My daughter, now 27 if I remember correctly, has changed jobs to one with less responsibility and finds life more rewarding as a result, even if there is less money in her pay packet.
It is all a question of finding what's right for you and making the most of it.

Sarah, my very best wishes go you you after the hard times you have been through. You now deserve a treat for yourself. What have you got planned? And good luck you your son.


Re: Good news

Thank you Simon and yes what a journey. I am so so proud I never thought this day would come. I'm sure as you said there will be challenges along the way but i have to remember how far we have come. As for your daughter money isn't everything and as long as she is happy and comfortable in what she is doing. I think a glass or 2 at the weekend to celebrate may be in order. All the best to every one here x

Re: Good news

Hi Sarah,

So lovely to hear from you after all these years! I am still hanging in there with hope. Some take longer than others to reach somewhere that they can hang on. I am so glad to hear about your son - and now he has the skills to know how others feel and what they are going through.

All the best for yours and his journey and thank you for being here for me all those years ago!
take care,