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CBD Oil update

Hi everyone,

I posted regarding CBD oil (derivative of canabis with the 'high' component removed) and sometimes referred to as medicinal canabis, a month or so ago. It did seem to make my son more relaxed. It definately had an effect. Unfortunately we cannot pursue this anymore at this point as the last order was blocked from leaving the country of purchase due to it not being legal in country of destination. Customs must have been on the look out and were just doing their job.
So this can be an option (perhaps for older school refusers) but out of reach unless legalised more widely. Fear of it being like taking marijuana are unfounded as it has the component removed that entice people to smoke dope! So no highs here....but if a severely anxious person can find it helpful, then it's 'highs' all I am sure you al know what I mean. We need these kind of options.
Let us know if you or your child have tried this medicinal form and what you felt the effects were on anxiety and depression.
take care,