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School Refusal
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Life under Covid-19

Hi all

If you are reading this, the pandemic has probably eased, as I am sure non of you are currently worried about School Refusal when you have more worrying things to dwell on. I wish you all well during these uncertain and ever changing times. Who would have known when the year first started that we'd be faced with this. If your son/daughter has anxiety, these can be even more difficult times for them. On the other hand some find slight comfort in knowing they are not alone and everyone is feeling anxious. The irony is not lost on families. The other aspect is that many children will now be schooled at home, which is not the same as having a school refuser at home, but it means that in the future, teachers, schools and families will be more set up to cater for a school refusing student. Perhaps in the future schools will be able to use those resources and technology to make contact with any student at home for health reasons, both physical and mental. It is a small glimmer of hope in what are otherwise dire circumstances.
Please take care....assure your anxious child that this will pass and life will get bak on track. Stay home and stay safe. Thoughts with everyone in this age of Covid-19.
Linda xx