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Re: Who

::Hiya! ^_^ I'm the webmistress of this site! ^_^ Ya...I do have games in my site, they're posted there...(see the "Sakura and Li/Syaoran" navigation... it's on the "games" section just right there! ^_^ There are two games in there that you can download. I'll try to add somemore later on....I'm just too busy right now -_-..... Anywyaz, thankies for the nice compliment! ^_^ Oh and if you are posting it on your site or somethin' please sign my guestbookie and link back ^_^ Tata!::

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Who hosted this site? And also do you have any cardcaptors or card captor sakura games? because the "free" section and go to the "cards" look like that they are from a game? If it is a game then can you send it to me?? Oh! I really like your Website Its awesome!