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Re: There's a movie

::Hiya! ^-^ Uhh.... wha movie??? ...Oh.. do you mean Card Captors movie?? .... is it?? Well, if that is what you are talkin about, yup there are movies of Card Captors/Card Captor Sakura. I THINK, there's only two movies (well...I've only seen two movies..) Uh...umm.... and I have no idea when it came out... ^^;;;;; Sorry 'bout that.. The title of the first movie is well.....uhh... umm... VERY VERY SORRY!!! I forgot!!! *bows 100 million times* @_@ x_x !_! (...heehee... I didn't really liked the first movie that's probably why!.... ^^;;; But I sure know the title of the Second movie!! It's my favourite! ^-^ The title is "Card Captor Sakura The Movie... The Sealed Card" =^-^= That movie is just the's soo...kawaii....full of emotions... I even cried!! (SHHHHHH!!!) -_-;;; .... Anywayz, sowwie again for not knowing some of those info that ya wanted..Tata!::

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I just wanted to ask.There's a movie?When did it come out.Tell me the name so I can see it on vediotape.Thanks.Oh and I love this website.