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Re: hello?

hey ill talk wit ya. Do you own this site? email me if ya wanna talk. I love cardcaptors!

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does anyone want to talk?

my name really os Sakura.

Re: Re: hello?

::Hey Amy. *lol* ^^;;; If ya don't mind knowin.. ahem.. I'm the owner of this site.. ^^;;; Not that i'm braggin, I just want ya to know. Well, tata!::

Re: hello?

Yeah-I'll talk to you if you tell me when carcaptor sakura is in TV.

Re: hello?

This is to Princess Sailor Mars. OK not to put you out or anything....but you bragg enough and fight enogh with other people about insulting you that I kind of figured you owned the site. And this is coming from the same 11 year old that calles you and Fire Princess imature. Sorry but it's true

Re: hello?

Hi my real name is Li Showron sup??im new to this site and I think this is great..!!!!Iv been watching card captors for 7 anybody wanna talk???

Re: hello?

Li showron!? you need to you see a shrink...

Re: hello?

ill talk to ya (im new just got here ^-^) Hi people