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PoetryRepairShop: Forum

Discuss a poet or poem; Post your Poem in a poet's folder for Feedback from that Poet. Note: a folder is already prepared for Poetry from our readers.

PoetryRepairShop: Forum
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About P.S.: Forum

PoetryRepairShop has a forum. So what?

This is a place for you to discuss the poetry of a poet appearing in PoetryRepairShop. You'll find the poet listed by SUBJECT as LASTname Firstname Initial.

The first message subject for each poet is that poet's email address and url. There may also be a list where that poet's work appears in PoetryRepairShop, followed by a list of other places the poet's work may be found.

You are invited to comment on and/or discuss the poet's work.

The second message string will be PleaseRepair. If you would like the poet to critique your poem, place it here (then let the poet know you have a poem posted in the PoetryRepairShop forum).

Please remember that poets are busy people who have readings to attend (travel), book fairs, autograph sessions, and of course their daily business of writing and doing the things we must all do in our day-to-day. A POET MAY BE UNABLE TO RESPOND.

Last. Do not use the forum to submit poetry to PoetryRepairShop: submit three to four poems in email text, subject=submissions to Social narrative and the lyrical is favored.