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Comedy Incarnate, by Ward Kelley:

An Epic Poem that Travels and Transcends Hell

Kedco Studios is proud to present Comedy Incarnate: by Ward Kelley. This CD ROM is a poignant example of the multi-textures of a duly celebrated and widely-published modern American poet. Kelley takes readers and listeners on a journey through Hell; it is by no means a predictable adventure, though his "escorts" are ones with which writers and readers can identify. He takes us on a vivid trip through the velvet psyche of humanity; there is darkness here, but never the convenient escape of self-pity.

Reviewers such as John Horvath, Jr., a reknowned poet and editor in his own right, call Kelley a "maestro," and not without reason, for he shows us the "all-consuming passion of the saints" and reveals a "world of fabulous images," guiding us through "history to a timeless world beyond."

Internet poet Janet I. Buck hails Comedy Incarnate as a "chamber of honesty with the flutes and strings and tubas of symphonic gust." Few poets today have gathered their wits and taken the huge leap of combining graphics, words, recital, and music. When you put Comedy Incarnate into a CD drive, you are handed a base of brilliance, a challenge to the intellect, and soothing trip through the glistening archives of human nature. Ward Kelley is a teacher of truth with the courage to surrender to his own evolution. You will see your own image in the tender fire of his quill, the emerald forest of his imagery, and the subtle accompaniment of David Michael Jackson's well-tuned orchestra. Comedy Incarnate is a masterpiece that will no doubt be studied and relished for decades to come.

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