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editorial on JB

Joseph Lisowski, John the Baptist, and King Herod meet in this month's issue of PoetryRepairShop

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Joseph Lisowski, our featured poet, attempts two cycles of intertwined poems with its two voices mixing, contrasting, rising one over the other. Quite a magical language fest, you will agree. Ironically, both John and Herod are "spokesmen" for some higher authority - Caesar and Christ; both are caught in the classical battle of Antigone - to serve heaven or to serve earth. And Lisowski paints their nuance and their pain with care and attention, making neither more evil nor more good than you or I might be in similar circumstance.

In the lonely places of this earth, a man might his own king be.

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From 1986 to 1996, Joseph Lisowski was Professor of English at the University of the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas serves as the setting for Looking for Lisa, his recently published novel now available from Fiction Works ( Dr. Lisowski is now teaching at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina near the shores of the mighty Pasquotank River and near the Outer Banks. Recent chapbooks include Letters to Wang Wei, along with two essays, (Words on a Wire); After Death’s Silence (2River View); and Grief Work (Kota Press). Other poems, stories, reviews, essays, interviews may be seen in a great variety of on line publications. (Search Google for particulars).

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JB (John the Baptist before Herod) is a cycle of poems published in PoetryRepairShop

John and Herod exchange (n virtual time) their views of sacrifice and order, the nature of martyrdom and kingdom.