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Welcome to the Random Acts of Love Ministry Forum, and thank you for coming to share your experience...the fact that you are here indicates that you received a random act of love. Awesome! The purpose of the Random Acts of Love Ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. However (and even though this is a ministry), sometimes we perform random acts of love without ever speaking the gospel or even saying the name of Jesus. St. Francis of Assisi is well-known for saying, "Share the gospel always, and use words when necessary."

The purpose of this forum is to share your experience. Please briefly state the random act of love that someone did for you, in as little or as many words as you feel are necessary to describe the act (generally speaking the expectation is a few sentences).

Please enter the forum thread named by your city, and if the city where the act took place is not listed, please start a new thread with the title being the name of the city and state. If the act took place outside the United States, please include the country as well.

To make post, reply to the initial post for each city. If there are too many posts in a thread (max 250), start a new thread with the name of the city, and add a "2" behind it. If we get so many posts this becomes an issue I will address it then.

Once you are done, take some time to read about other random acts of love from other people. Then, please perform a random act of love for someone else, and give them the Random Act of Love Ministry card you received so they may do the same. Please ask them to follow the instructions on the card, and keep passing on acts of love over and over...almost like a chain letter!

Please feel free to make up your own cards with the same (or similar) instructions and pass them out, or, you can download the template from http://www.RandomActsofLove.net. That will allow you to do this over and over!

I pray that this forum will be filled with posts from throughout the world, and people will be blessed.

God bless you, and thank you for coming to share.

Respectfully, Jason McLendon, Tentmaker Ministries (San Antonio, TX).