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Update On My Loved One
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Debi Welch

About three and a half weeks ago, Debi found a lump on her breast and immediately sought medical advice. The doctors determined it was Stage 1 cancer, and believed they had caught it early enough to provide treatment. Before initiating treatment, they performed a CAT scan, and found more cancer. It was determined at that point that she actually had Stage 4 stomach cancer and liver cancer. They estimated she had two months to live.

Debi was transferred to the Vitas Methodist Healthcare Center on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 in a hospice status.

She has been resting peacefully most of the time, and "STOMPING THE DEVIL!" She does not appear to be in pain.

The medical staff says that based on her signs, they believe her time with us is down to a matter of hours to days, not days to weeks.

We know Heaven is waiting, and they will receive her soon.

Ronnie has been with her watching vigilantly the entire time. They have received many visitors, and an outpouring of love.

Ronnie says he appreciates all of the love and support, especially from the St. Andrews family.

Please keep Debi in your prayers to help this transition from earth to Heaven as smooth and pain free as possible.

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Re: Debi Welch

Please provide updates on sweet Debi Welch! Thoughts and prayers

Re: Debi Welch

Update - 7:00 pm, Tuesday, 12/03/2019.

I just spoke to Ronnie, Debi's husband, and received an update. Debi was just given some morphine and is resting comfortably. Otherwise, her condition has not changed.

Ronnie asks that we continue to pray for her comfort and peace during this process.

He is extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and support.

Ronnie is understandably very tired, and about to lie down to try and get some rest...

If you receive an update, please post it as a reply to the original message. Thanks!

May God bless you all, Jason

Re: Debi Welch

Family and friends,

A message from Ronnie:

"Our sweet Debi passed at 4:00 am. She has gone to meet Jesus face to face."

We all know she was welcomed with open arms, and the Angels in Heaven are rejoicing!

Please keep Ronnie in your prayers for peace and comfort.

More information to follow...

May God bless you all, Jason

Re: Debi Welch

Family and friends,

There will be an open house at Pastor Michael and Ginna Crocker's house tonight (December 4, 2019) to see and show support for Ronnie.

The open house will be from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at 106 Calumet Pl, San Antonio, TX 78209.

Please contact Ginna Crocker for more information at (210) 632-7938...or just show up.