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Whisky Spinners Ballad

If anyone is interested, we've found a ballad celebrating Lancashires's illicit 'Grane' whisky from 1888, here's a bit, the rest is at

Iv yo want a drink yer souls to cheer,
Just try Molly Peter's whisky O.
Away wi yer wine an' barmy beer.
Give me Molly Peter's whiskey O.
It ull cheer the heart of each one born,
An' tune yer voice like hunters horn,
For ther's veer a pauper feels forlorn,
Iv he drinks Molly Peter's whiskey O!

Owd Molly Peter's whiskey O,
Owd Molly Peter's whiskey O,
Both drainer and the squire,
Feels filled wi' nater's fire,
Iv they taste o' Molly Peter's whiskey O!

Near Grindleton Fell owd Molly did dwell,
An became quite loved for her whisky O,
Spun far on the moor, away from her door,
Was owd Molly Peter's whisky O.
Now the gangers came for mony a year,
They thowt foak geet summat stronger than beer;
An' ut last catcht Molly, when hoo thowt t' coast clear,
Wi a two gallon keg ov whisky O.

Owd Molly Peter's whisky O,
Owd Molly Peter's whisky O.
Though they treat Molly ill,
Hoo woddent show em t' still.
Where hoo brewed Molly Peter's-whisky O.