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Who'd be a Soldier?

I used to attend the Old Blackburnians (Old Blacks) Folk Club in Lammack, Blackburn, in the 1970's where the house band were The Wassailers. They did a storming rendition of a song, to the tune of 'Waltzing Matilda', called 'Who'd Be A Soldier ... for Marlborough and me?'
Would anyone know if the Wassailers are still performing? And does anyone currently perform 'Who'd be a Soldier?', and where could I re-connect with my youth and watch a performance of this fabulously uplifting sing-along classic?


John Sirkett

Re: Who'd be a Soldier?

I do not know if the Wassaillers still perform this song. I know Chris & Pete Coe used to sing it about 40 years ago! It is on their album "Open the Door & Let Us In" released in 1972. The title is "The Gay Fusilier". They split in the 1980s when they divorced but have performed recently at Folk festivals. If you google Pete & Chris Coe there are a few web pages that come up. Hope this helps

Re: Who'd be a Soldier?

It is also known by other names & one is" Marching Through Rochester" and it is on U tube sung by Jim Herd & Dick Holdstock on 2 separate u tube recordings. I think Pete Coe gets the credit for putting it to this tune as his name always appears in brackets.

Re: Who'd be a Soldier?

Thanks Geoff. The merry folk at Gregson Lane folk club in Hoghton pointed me in the direction of their Facebook page, and you back up what they told me. Not sure if the Wassailers are still going in any capacity. Be nice to find out. I'm currently living in Essex, buying a house in Burnley and hoping to move back to Lancashire in a couple of months so I should be in a better position to make a few contacts then and do a bit of research.
Thanks again, pal.