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RICHARD "Dick" MCGIRR ET1(SS) 1965-65 - 1/12/2018
SILAS D. "Danny" PONDER EN1(SS) 1954-59 - 1/15/2018
Gilbert F. "Bert" Lomax. Sr TN(SS) 1948-48 - 4/25/2018
James A. Adams IC2(SS) 1960-61 - 6/21/2018
Stanley L. Preneta RM2(SS) 1951-52 - 7/4/2018
Karl B. Eagar SN 1947-48 - 7/18/2018
David D. "Dave" Wilkinson ET3(SS) 1964-65 - 11/17/2018
Lee. G. Mather SN(SS) 1955-56 - 11/30/2018
Robert G. "TOMMY" Tucker QM2(SS) 1964-66 - 12/4/2018
Frank R. Berkhimer CDR (CO) 1968-69 12/27/2018
David J. Olson EM2(SS) 1970-70 12/28/2018
John F. Lyding LCDR - (XO) 1963-65 1/25/2019
William "Bill" Von Der Lieth EM1(SS) 1949-52 3/23/2109
Raymond P. Jebing EN3(SS) 1962-66 4/9/2019
Alan A. Perry QM2(SS) 1957 5/16/2019
Donald M. Marroletti RM3(SS) 1955-57 7/30/2019
Thomas Willett EMCS(SS) 1961-66 6/20/2019
Myron Ritter RM2(SS) 1963-65 9/16/2019
Daniel R. Walker Rm3/c 1944-46 9/18/2019
Winton W. Armstrong Sm2/c 1944-45 10/4/2019
John N. Joll RMSN 1944-45 (Relief Crew) 11/19/2019
Norman S. Wehner EMC(SS) 1958 -59 12/14/2018
Donald E. Vail EN3(SS) 1952-53 11/2019
Howard Dachs ICFN(SS) 1962-63 12/??/2019
Edward A. Ulicny F1/c 1947-47 12/22/2019
Gary L. Hetrick IC3(SS) 1958-60 12/27/2019
Robert P. Perry MoMM3(SS) 1947-47 12/29/2019
Donald R. Gressman EN2(SS) 1948-51 1/6/2020
Mike Trombley EN2(SS) 1959-62 4/28/2020
Joseph B. Palmer ET3(SS) 1960-63 4/28/2020
George R. "Russ" Waterman LCDR 1968-70 6/11/2020
John D. "Jack" Cornell EN3(SS) 1955-59 7/15/2020


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Cuban Missile Crises

Any one know when the Robin went to Cuba during the crises


Re: Cuban Missile Crises


You still trying to get into the VFW???

Shoot...just tell them what they want to hear. I doubt if anyone checks.

Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Ya Paul, but some one is checking now so I guess it won't work and I'll just pick up my toys and go home.

Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Sea Robin did not participate in Cuban Missile Crisis operations (15 October - 28 October 1962). We came into work one day and the warshot torpedoes and stores were waiting on the pier for us. We were told to call our wives and let them know that we weren't coming home that day and didn't know when we would be back.

And then --- one of our super-duper communications equipments crapped out --- and as I recall, the base radio shop and I (Comm Officer) and our RM's were up all night trying to get it back in operation, but to no avail. We couldn't go on a war patrol without it.

So, Sea Robin wound up being the duty sub school boat for the next couple of weeks --- adding to the well-earned nickname, "Bobbin' Robin". Lots of operations, but no Cuban action.

Radiomen, chime in at anytime --- you probably have better recollections of the equipment casualty than I do.

Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Thanks for the info guys, talk to you later

Re: Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Hey Mike, Screw the VFW. The American Legion will take you for your cold war service.
Later Ed

Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Mr Curtis,
Long time no hear from. You were Comm Officer when I came aboard to relieve Bartch in the Med when he had his gall bladder attack.
Dave Goodness

Re: Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Good to hear from you, Goody.

Of course we needed somebody named Goodness to replace "Black" Bartsch, the evilest good guy that I ever met. You brought a sense of propriety to the Radio Gang.

I'm glad to see that you're remaining active among the rest of these reprobates (just kidding guys).

Keep'em in line, Goody.

Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Tom you are slightly wrong on this, I remember it well I had the watch on Monday evening after Bermuda when all hell broke loose. The Radio antenna was stuck up and the cables were torn loose in the sail. and we did not get a msg to go to cuba or to nlon for stores. Capt Homlberg was very upset after I told him about the msgs to the other boats. we did finally get a msg to go to nlon to have mast repaired. we pulled in on thursday evening and could not go home but could call our wives. The shop and all of us rms and of couse you were up to pull the mast, it was taken to the shop and repaired. the teflon swelled up in the warm waters of bermuda. after repair's we loaded stores and torpedoes and departed nlon on monday morning and patroled in the atlantic off of new york and ct. After a few weeks we went into quonset point for thanksgiving holiday, Capt holmberg let half of the crew go to nlon for thanksgiving of which I was one of them. after that we went out for a couple of weeks and then returned to nlon and normal ops which did include a week of sub school. I remember it well as the boats were being called and given plain language msgs under Flash conditions, (is war time highest priority msgs) I also remember Capt Holmberg having me tune into a broadcast to listen to what was happening.
Sorry Tom M'll never forget this epesode, hate to controdick you.

Re: Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

I remember Bermuda and Quonset Point over Thanksgiving. The time frame in between is vaque. I think I was too busy mess cooking. I do remember the carrier Essex (The Oldest and the Boldest)was in Quoset Point when we were there and she was part of the Cuban blockade so I quess the whole thing was pretty much over by then.

Re: Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Well, so much for my "rock solid" memory. I Guess I'll have to remove that chapter from my biography. And how about the time we were attacked by the great white whale? Now, don't tell me that part of my life didn't happen either. I can still picture Holmberg with his peg-leg, standing on top of the sail, with a harpoon in his hand --- or was that on another ship, or maybe it was in a book that I read? It's so hard to remember these days!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Cuban Missile Crises

Tom you were so young at that time, but I give you credit you were a good come boss. I think I remember it as I had the watch that night. good to hear from you again, I lost you e mail some time ago when I had a computer crash, seems there was alot of them in days past. anyway e mail me yours mine is