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Allow me to "second" that as well as welcome Ed bacl to the board. Now if we can force Klausen back to the surface!! It's been TOO LONG.


Charlie Rhoads picked me up in Poughkeepsie on Sunday AM in his Skylane 182-G. We departed POU at about 0815 headed off to Charleston, with a planned pit-stop in Leesburg, VA, arriving in CHS at about 1415. We had a mostly smooth flight, nothing harrowing. Charlie is a great pilot and navigator. It was neat to see all the new toys and electronics available to the private pilot and to experience first hand, IFR navigation.

We checked into the Radisson and met with the sales person on Monday morning. Charlie also had a meeting set up to see the sales person at the Sheraton on Tuesday AM. We also planned to do a little sightseeing during our stay and to planned to depart for home on Tuesday, possibly Wed.

As luck would have it, the weather threatened to keep up in Charleston till later in the week as the there were storms up north at our intended destinations for TUES-WED and then Charleston was expecting bad weather on THURS.

We had our meeting at the Radisson earlier than expected, got the cook's tour and then decided to go over to the Sheraton to see what we could find out. Their staff was on holiday routine but the manager was nice enough to show us around and answer any question we might have. We could not discuss pricing, etc but we did see a lot.

We made the quick decision to " bag it" out of Charleston ASAP to beat the weather, as everything looked OK to get us both back home.

So we made a scramble to check out, head back and prep /gas the plane and we were in the air by 1030 headed North to Leesburg. We made decent ground speed (140) and landed there @ 1330. Charlie then filed a new flight plan, had the fuel topped off and we were airborne again @ 1425, headed to my home port of POU. We caught a great tail wind and even got a nicer routing than the one they had us fly on Sun when we headed south, and we landed in POU @ 1600. A full hour ahead of schedule. A little over 300 miles in 90 minutes.

This allowed Charlie to top off, refile a new plan for the trip back to his home port in Newark, OH. He took off for home # 1640.

I received an note from him this morning and he arrived safely home but was impeded by head winds and some stormy weather along the way, none serious. His trip took 4 Hrs instead of 3.

Charlie has asked me to take planning control of the accommodations, hospitality suite, etc. From what we saw, and the fact that he had attended a military reunion at the Sheraton previously, that the SEA ROBIN would be happier there. So I will focus on the SHERATON in North Charleston and see what I can arrange.

Our reunions in the past have centered around us having a comfortable place to relax, tell stories, toast a few drinks and have fun. I did not get that "warm fuzzy" when we discussed stocking our own hospitality room with the Radisson sales person. She even brought into discussion that Charleston was the "Church Capitol" of the South, as a reason why.

Sheraton on the other hand has large 1-2 bedroom / suites available as a back-up plan in the event that we cannot get one of their meeting rooms to function as our hospitality room. The manager we spoke to said that other groups have stocked a meeting room themselves in the past, so I think there is some flexibility at the Sheraton that we don't have at the Radisson. Plus the Radisson does NOT even have any room-suites.

That's it for now..more info as it becomes available.



On our return to Poughkeepsie on MEMORIAL DAY we crossed the Delaware River south of Port Jervis and probably came close to flying over BUTTONS' house...

I yelled to you...did you hear a scream around 1530??


Was that you? I thought I was hallucinating. Actually I was at a local parade, ceremony in Newton, NJ. Then had a couple at the Newton VFW. They also had free food. Couldn't pass that up.


"I hear you". Free food is FREE FOOD.

We have our Memorial Day services this afternoon @ 1600 New Paltz VFW, followed by local parade on Main Street.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MEMORIAL DAY

Celibrate Memorial Day on Memorial Day, how unusual.
I guess there are still places that do things when there supposed to be done. As long as we never forget, that's the important thing.