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Karl B. Eagar SN 1947-48 - 7/18/2018
David D. "Dave" Wilkinson ET3(SS) 1964-65 - 11/17/2018
Lee. G. Mather SN(SS) 1955-56 - 11/30/2018
Robert G. "TOMMY" Tucker QM2(SS) 1964-66 - 12/4/2018
Frank R. Berkhimer CDR (CO) 1968-69 12/27/2018
David J. Olson EM2(SS) 1970-70 12/28/2018
John F. Lyding LCDR - (XO) 1963-65 1/25/2019
William "Bill" Von Der Lieth EM1(SS) 1949-52 3/23/2109
Raymond P. Jebing EN3(SS) 1962-66 4/9/2019
Donald M. Marroletti RM3(SS) 1955-57 7/30/2019
Thomas Willett EMCS(SS) 1961-66 6/20/2019
Myron Ritter RM2(SS) 1963-65 9/16/2019
Daniel R. Walker Rm3/c 1944-46 9/18/2019
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Server Move..Progress Report

I uploaded a special graphic file to the new server in anticipation of the transfer. I wanted proof that our pages are hosted on the new Go-Daddy servers and not still on the old service.

You will know that we are switched over if you see that graphic displayed above.

The "whois" page now says that the domain is in the hands of Go-Daddy, now we are waiting for them to set up their domain name servers.

It should not be too long....I think


Re: Server Move..Progress Report

Hang in there, you are doing a great job.

Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report DEUX

Thanks Frank, I appreciate that.

Things seem to be in a transitional phase at the moment, as I notice parts of our page work, then don't, then are back again. I can tell that the OLD page is not fully functional because that photo of the decomm ceremony does not show here. That page comes from the 3 407 web site. As I explained in the other post, I added another graphic to the files associated with the NEW site. When that graphic appears above, I know we have been switched over.

This BBS is totally independent, so we have a way to communicate while all this takes place.

It's nothing that I have any control of at this time. They tell me it takes time...


Re: Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report DEUX


Re: Re: Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report DEUX

Thanks Chuck, it has been a struggle of sorts but I think I'm getting close.

One thing that changed with the switchover was the directory which listed all the reunion photos, failed to display anything at all.

To get around this, I created photo galleries for the reunion collections. The link above in the MENU box will bring you there. I still have work to do, in terms of adding several reunion collections, as well as labeling photos. But that will take time.


I have a couple of more galleries to add to that list.

Re: Server Move..Progress Report

How did you manage to keep the same URL?


Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report

Normally it should not be difficult to transfer a domain name to another hosting service. T

There is a normal procedure to accomplish that. The domain name was in my name and was not set to expire until 2009. But I was not listed as ADMIN contact on the registration.

Our previous listing service had themselves set up as the ADMIN contact, which normally is not a problem if they ANSWERED THEIR EMAILS.

So I had to create an account with the MAIN REGISTRAR of our domain. They changed the domain registration for so that I was now the ADMIN contact. When Go-Daddy initiated the transfer request, the request came to me for my authorization.

Very complicated, but it worked out.

Re: Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report


Not going to claim that I understood any of that ****......But......Thanks alot SHIPMATE for keeping us all together.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report

Very **** little of that was understood here...before this all started.

Re: Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report

So it was only the Domain Name Registration that timed out? It looks like the Server is still Bravenet, right?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Server Move..Progress Report

Our Web pages was being hosted on Apaptive Net. They originally registered our domain also which was still valid until 2009.

When the web page went down last week or so, I had no means of communication with Apaptive net concerning the outage. Their phone still do not work, they don't respond to emails. Also we had the problems with the email aliases not working and they never responded to athat either. I decide to move our pages over to a new hosting service, Go-Daddy.

G-Daddy was also my provider for the pages I created for HUDSON VALLEY BASE USSVI

I also wanted to move the domain name, but because ADPATIVE NET would not respond to emails, it was not going to happen as long as they were listed as Administrative contact.

This BBS is hosted by Bravenet, a different provider. It works out good, because if the pages go down, this BBS is still a communication channel.