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RICHARD "Dick" MCGIRR ET1(SS) 1965-65 - 1/12/2018
SILAS D. "Danny" PONDER EN1(SS) 1954-59 - 1/15/2018
Gilbert F. "Bert" Lomax. Sr TN(SS) 1948-48 - 4/25/2018
James A. Adams IC2(SS) 1960-61 - 6/21/2018
Stanley L. Preneta RM2(SS) 1951-52 - 7/4/2018
Karl B. Eagar SN 1947-48 - 7/18/2018
David D. "Dave" Wilkinson ET3(SS) 1964-65 - 11/17/2018
Lee. G. Mather SN(SS) 1955-56 - 11/30/2018
Robert G. "TOMMY" Tucker QM2(SS) 1964-66 - 12/4/2018
Frank R. Berkhimer CDR (CO) 1968-69 12/27/2018
David J. Olson EM2(SS) 1970-70 12/28/2018
John F. Lyding LCDR - (XO) 1963-65 1/25/2019
William "Bill" Von Der Lieth EM1(SS) 1949-52 3/23/2109
Raymond P. Jebing EN3(SS) 1962-66 4/9/2019
Alan A. Perry QM2(SS) 1957 5/16/2019
Donald M. Marroletti RM3(SS) 1955-57 7/30/2019
Thomas Willett EMCS(SS) 1961-66 6/20/2019
Myron Ritter RM2(SS) 1963-65 9/16/2019
Daniel R. Walker Rm3/c 1944-46 9/18/2019
Winton W. Armstrong Sm2/c 1944-45 10/4/2019
John N. Joll RMSN 1944-45 (Relief Crew) 11/19/2019
Norman S. Wehner EMC(SS) 1958 -59 12/14/2018
Donald E. Vail EN3(SS) 1952-53 11/2019
Howard Dachs ICFN(SS) 1962-63 12/??/2019
Edward A. Ulicny F1/c 1947-47 12/22/2019
Gary L. Hetrick IC3(SS) 1958-60 12/27/2019
Robert P. Perry MoMM3(SS) 1947-47 12/29/2019
Donald R. Gressman EN2(SS) 1948-51 1/6/2020
Mike Trombley EN2(SS) 1959-62 4/28/2020
Joseph B. Palmer ET3(SS) 1960-63 4/28/2020
George R. "Russ" Waterman LCDR 1968-70 6/11/2020
John D. "Jack" Cornell EN3(SS) 1955-59 7/15/2020


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Little Ski

Kenneth L. Szablewski September 11, 1939 - August 2, 2008 GRISWOLD - Kenneth L. Szablewski, 68, husband of Victoria (Wawrzynowicz) Szablewski of 69 Burdick Lane, Griswold, died at his home Saturday morning. Born in Norwich on September 11, 1939, he was the son of the late Louis and Staffie (Misiaszek) Szablewski. A retired U.S. Navy Veteran of the Vietnam War, he served from 1957 through 1977 and was honorably discharged with the rank of MS-1. He also retired from General Dynamics Electric Boat as a Plumber-Pipe fitter. Ken served as Assistant District Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America, and was also a past Scout Master in both Montville and Voluntown. He was also a Life member of the Sub Vets of Groton, the Mystic Rod & Gun Club, and the N.R.A., and was a member of the National Field Archery Assoc., and National Archery Assoc. On December 23, 1977 in Montville, he was united in marriage to Victoria (Wawrzynowicz) Szablewski who survives along with two daughters, Megan Szablewski of Ballouville and Shelly Consolini of Torrington, one son Stuart Balestracci of Pine Mountain, GA, five grandchildren, a brother Richard Szablewski of N.J., a sister Nancy Scrapchansky of Montville, and several nieces and nephews. Graveside Services with Military Honors will take place on Friday, Aug. 8, 2008 at 1 p.m. at Pachaug Cemetery, Route 138, Griswold. In lieu of flowers, donations are asked to be made in his memory to Friends of Webster B.S.A., c/o John Haskell, 100 Lake Rd., Jewett City, CT 06351. Arrangements by Labenski Funeral Home.

Re: Little Ski

Sailor rest your oar. It was a pleasure to serve with you. One day we will all be together again and have one hell of a "Bobbin Robin" bash.

additonal info

Ski was doing geat until last thurday and he started down hill, and once he started there was nothing they could do for him, at least he did not suffer long.

Re: additonal info

Ski, Rest your oar.

Re: Little Ski

This Shipmate touched alot of lifes ..I'm glad one of them was mine. Little Ski "Rest Your Oar"


Re: Little Ski

Ski found my Sea Robin page, not too long after I first put it on-line, back in 1997.

As it turns out, he must have transferred off Sea Robin days after I reported and we did not know each other, but shared many shipmates that I ended up serving with.

I ran into him at the 97 USSVI Convention in Hagarstown, where he was hosting the GW reunion. He put the bug in my ear about doing a similar thing for the Sea Robin. I was a little hesitant, but decided to put a 'local' gathering together in March of 1998 which turned out to better attended than I expected. Ski was there with his memorabilia, pictures, sea-stories, etc. It was a grand day.

From that humble beginning, the RENO REUNION of 1999 was formulated. I'll never forget when Buttons walked into the 'ROOM 1509' hospitality suite at the Peppermill. I had not seen him since about 68 or so. Ski was busy behind the bar, and for some time they did not recognize one another. Great moment.

"Sailor, Rest Your Oar"


Re: Re: Little Ski

I'm glad I got a chance to talk to him a couple of weeks ago. He knew he didn't have much longer. We had a lot of good times together. A lot of good sea stories came out of the trips to Jackman. You couldn't ask for a better shipmate than Ski. He was unique. He will be missed. I will never forget him.

Re: Little Ski

I never knew a single person who didn`t like Little Ski. He will be missed.

Sailor rest your spatula.

Re: Little Ski

A great Shipmate and a **** good cook as I recall. Sailors rest your oars.


Re: Little Ski

"Little Ski" was put to rest today @ 1300 hrs. in his hometown of Voluntown, CT.

Most in attendance were family and friends & Boy Scout leaders. I saw two other uniformed vets there.

But I made certain the the family knew how sorry and saddened we were that he had Sailed On Eternal Patrol. That he had many friends on the SS-407 and we did not forget him.

I felt it my duty and responsibility to represent all of his Shipmates that were unable to do so personally.

Hand Salute.


Re: Re: Little Ski

You did a fine thing Paul, Thanks.

Re: Re: Little Ski

We couldn't have had a better representative than you Paul. I'm sure it meant alot to his family, but always a tough thing to do. Thanks.

Re: Re: Re: Little Ski

Thanks, Paul. It's hard to attend funerals of friends. As we get on in years, we see more and more of our friends laid to rest.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Little Ski

It certainly is. Here is that picture of Little Ski that you wanted posted.

You had sent me that before, but is was too dark, so I did some Photoshop tricks to being out some details. Do you recall where the picture was taken?

Re: Re: Little Ski

Thanks Paul,
I wasn't able to make it. Mom is in the hospital for a couple of days. I'm glad you were able to attend. I have a lot of good memories of Ski.

Re: Re: Re: Little Ski

Buttons, sorry to hear about "Mom".

I hope it is nothing serious.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Little Ski

Paul, thanks for asking. She should be home Monday. At 94 she is doing well.