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RICHARD "Dick" MCGIRR ET1(SS) 1965-65 - 1/12/2018
SILAS D. "Danny" PONDER EN1(SS) 1954-59 - 1/15/2018
Gilbert F. "Bert" Lomax. Sr TN(SS) 1948-48 - 4/25/2018
James A. Adams IC2(SS) 1960-61 - 6/21/2018
Stanley L. Preneta RM2(SS) 1951-52 - 7/4/2018
Karl B. Eagar SN 1947-48 - 7/18/2018
David D. "Dave" Wilkinson ET3(SS) 1964-65 - 11/17/2018
Lee. G. Mather SN(SS) 1955-56 - 11/30/2018
Robert G. "TOMMY" Tucker QM2(SS) 1964-66 - 12/4/2018
Frank R. Berkhimer CDR (CO) 1968-69 12/27/2018
David J. Olson EM2(SS) 1970-70 12/28/2018
John F. Lyding LCDR - (XO) 1963-65 1/25/2019
William "Bill" Von Der Lieth EM1(SS) 1949-52 3/23/2109
Raymond P. Jebing EN3(SS) 1962-66 4/9/2019
Alan A. Perry QM2(SS) 1957 5/16/2019
Donald M. Marroletti RM3(SS) 1955-57 7/30/2019
Thomas Willett EMCS(SS) 1961-66 6/20/2019
Myron Ritter RM2(SS) 1963-65 9/16/2019
Daniel R. Walker Rm3/c 1944-46 9/18/2019
Winton W. Armstrong Sm2/c 1944-45 10/4/2019
John N. Joll RMSN 1944-45 (Relief Crew) 11/19/2019
Norman S. Wehner EMC(SS) 1958 -59 12/14/2018
Donald E. Vail EN3(SS) 1952-53 11/2019
Howard Dachs ICFN(SS) 1962-63 12/??/2019
Edward A. Ulicny F1/c 1947-47 12/22/2019
Gary L. Hetrick IC3(SS) 1958-60 12/27/2019
Robert P. Perry MoMM3(SS) 1947-47 12/29/2019
Donald R. Gressman EN2(SS) 1948-51 1/6/2020
Mike Trombley EN2(SS) 1959-62 4/28/2020
Joseph B. Palmer ET3(SS) 1960-63 4/28/2020
George R. "Russ" Waterman LCDR 1968-70 6/11/2020
John D. "Jack" Cornell EN3(SS) 1955-59 7/15/2020


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Happy Labor Day

To all of my shipmates that my be in LABOR (of any kind)..............Relax and enjoy the day.


Re: Happy Labor Day

Same to all of my shipmates.


By the way the guy who has Jackson's hand on his head is me and not Perry.


Re: Re: Happy Labor Day


Goody, I'm not too sure of that. It sure looks like PERRY to me, but I will reconsider.

Does ANYONE recognize the unlabeled shipmate at the right of the photo...???


Re: Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

Could be, but I do remember a similar event. Although I thought it was in Rota Spain, where it was raining and we didn't have liberty. We all hunkered down beneath a Mike Boat to stay dry and drank beer. I think one of the officers went ashore and bought us the beer. This may not be the same time.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

This was definitely Taranto. I never left the boat when we were in Rota. I think I caught the duty the one night we were there.

In Toranto we met here several times during our stay. I recall Owen Major Perry being there as well during at least one of those times, though I'm not sure when this was taken or by whom. He did not miss many drinking parties.

I cropped this picture slightly, but if you view the original it shows two guys sitting in front of a doorway at the left side. It was near there that we bought the beer, just a few feet away.

The only Italian beer that I recall drinking was named Birra Peroni and I could not stand the taste of it. It did not stop me from drinking it however.

Now I see that stuff imported as a Premium beer, and have been tempted to try it 45 years later as I'm sure my taste for beer has matured somewhat since those days.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Happy Labor Day


I was not questioning your memory since you've already proven to have a far greater recollection ability than I.
In fact, my experience may have been when I was TAD on Blenny.


Re: Happy Labor Day

Thanks Terry and to all our other shipmates.
Frank Fiederlein

Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

The unlabeled guy with the CPO hat on looks like Henry Wilkes. I don't remember any Chief that looked like that, but I didn't make the 1965 Med trip.
....and no I didn't labor much today.

Re: Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

Frenchy, I don't see him as Henry Wilkes.

A couple of the Chief's hats got passed around and the whitehats wore them for the picture. Fazzio is wearing one also.


Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

Happy belated Labor Day to all. Still getting over the "sting" of the phone call cancelling the Tiger Cruise. Due to Gustov and Hanna, the Virginia was ordered to go deep and leave the Florida area on Friday. Chance of rescheduling unknown at this point.

Re: Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

Sorry about the cancellation of your cruise. I hope you get another chance.
Frank Fiederlein

Re: Happy Labor Day

Some Laber Day, I had the duty;I was senior controlerman on the margarita blender. I think I drank half of my production. Later

Re: Re: Happy Labor Day

It's a rough job but somebodies got to do it. Leaving on a cruise out of New York for the Caribbean today. Hopefully will miss most of the hurricaines. As long as the bars stay open I'll be alright.

Re: Re: Re: Happy Labor Day


Have a good they have seat belts at those bars?

Hopefully you're not spending all your money and will have enough left to plan on being in Charleston, even though I haven't heard back from you yet...