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MYRON " "Mike" RITTER RM2(SS) 1963-65



RICHARD "Dick" MCGIRR ET1(SS) 1965-65 - 1/12/2018
SILAS D. "Danny" PONDER EN1(SS) 1954-59 - 1/15/2018
Gilbert F. "Bert" Lomax. Sr TN(SS) 1948-48 - 4/25/2018
James A. Adams IC2(SS) 1960-61 - 6/21/2018
Stanley L. Preneta RM2(SS) 1951-52 - 7/4/2018
Karl B. Eagar SN 1947-48 - 7/18/2018
David D. "Dave" Wilkinson ET3(SS) 1964-65 - 11/17/2018
Lee. G. Mather SN(SS) 1955-56 - 11/30/2018
Robert G. "TOMMY" Tucker QM2(SS) 1964-66 - 12/4/2018
Frank R. Berkhimer CDR (CO) 1968-69 12/27/2018
David J. Olson EM2(SS) 1970-70 12/28/2018
John F. Lyding LCDR - (XO) 1963-65 1/25/2019
William "Bill" Von Der Lieth EM1(SS) 1949-52 3/23/2109
Raymond P. Jebing EN3(SS) 1962-66 4/9/2019
Donald M. Marroletti RM3(SS) 1955-57 7/30/2019
Thomas Willett EMCS(SS) 1961-66 6/20/2019
Myron Ritter RM2(SS) 1963-65 9/16/2019
Daniel R. Walker Rm3/c 1944-46 9/18/2019
Winton W. Armstrong Sm2/c 1944-45 10/4/2019


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2009 Re-Union

Hey Guys........

Has everyone reading this board send their reunion info back to Charlie or Paul???????????
If not DO IT, if you have thanks.
Their job is tough enough, pulling it together, so lets help them out.
And if you know someone not on the web and can call them and find out what their intentions might be would also be a great help for these guys.


Re: 2009 Re-Union

We initially sent out that email questionnaire to about 225 Shipmates. I have another 140 or so in my database that do not use the computer.

Of the 225, about 35 kicked back as no longer valid. These were good emails addresses last year when I did the Groton reunion.

Of the 180 or so that went through, about 45 replies came back to me. I guess the others were ignored or are still sitting in the INBOXES somewhere waiting to be read.

Charlie then MAILED 180 questionnaire to the non-computer Shipmates AND also to the 45 or so whose emails kicked back as INVALID. So everyone should have been contacted by now, minus a handful that have moved with no forwarding addresses.

Thanks to all who replied promptly, it sure is appreciated and makes for a lighter workload.

At the moment we are preparing a mass mailing of invitations, along with registration forms to signup for the tours, and the banquet. That will probably be a month or so off from now.

We are looking to fill 40 rooms and the tour buses can handle 57 ea.

More info as it become available.