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Re: A question for my shipmates

It is a LOT of pressure but not as much as you calculated.

There is 44psi per 100' of depth as I recall so:

44(5200/100)= 22K psi

I think most of those wells in the gulf are connected to pipes that that run along the bottom and ultimately terminate on the surface, so I would imagine that it can be handled.

Re: A question for my shipmates

Yes, I realized I miscalculated the pressure after I sent the e-mail. Even if the pipe runs along the bottom and gradually works it's way to the surface, if that pipe is broken at the bottom, which appears to be the case here, for it to continue to gush it seems to me the pressure to overcome sea pressure must be greater than 22K/sq in. Does the pressure result from GEO plate compression?

Re: A question for my shipmates

That's a lot of pressure, but you only need a few Lbs above sea pressure at that depth to push it to the surface. The pipes down there with the pressure inside and sea pressure outside would be nearly equalized, depending upon how much pressure the oil was pushing out. I think the oil pressure pushing out of the sea bottom is caused by all our friends down in that place (the place they told us about we would go if we weren't good) that are trying to get out. But then again, they may be having a good time down there visiting and partying with all our friends that the roof is blowing off.

Re: A question for my shipmates


Your assuming that Heaven and Hell are dilineated by Space and Time. What a bummer!!!!