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Re: Sombody say sumpin....

Alls quiet at our house also......#4 Granddaugther graduated High School...........Wife sister visiting from FL...............
But the Good news is , our weather is warm and our beer is cold, Life is good to us "Rub-Dub" Submariners.

Paul, I thought you two we're going to FL with Nora.

Re: Sombody say sumpin....

Maybe thought about it but decided that her Mom is better suited in case there is some drama. Plus her Mom has a friend down there who met them and is showing her around. They haven't seen each other in a while.

Re: Sombody say sumpin....

Your a good Daddy

Re: Sombody say sumpin....

Great for Paul and his granddaughter.

and I'm glad somebody said.......bout time.

Re: Sombody say sumpin....

Put me down for a Sumpin !!!!!!

Re: Sombody say sumpin....