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cornea transplant

Early this year my wife had a corneal transplant to her right eye.Previous to this she had an eye virus called yseudamona which had dammage the cornea.Do to this the eye had been damaged so badly that the transplant hasn'nt worked. Her doctor told her yesterdaythat she would never have any vision in the eye.Her vision in the left eye is only 3% so basicaly she has no vision.
Having had now vision for the last six months she has come somewhat use to it. My wife is a strong person but there are times when she breaks down.

Re: cornea transplant


Bless your heart. Perhaps our entire crew can pray for the best for both of you.


Re: cornea transplant

I second that.

Re: cornea transplant

VERY SAD to hear this Chuck & Penny. She is the sweetest.

My thoughts and prayers for your renewed strength to overcome this serous health problem.

Re: cornea transplant

To my WWII Hero & his Bride

Very sorry to hear the discouraging news. We were all praying for you Penny. But I do know that the two of you will take these lemons and turn them into a great Margeritta to drink with your AMONDS (no L = shaken off the tree).
You two keep up your Faith, Wit & Humor and enjoy your life together. God Bless You Both

Carolyn & Terry

Re: cornea transplant

Sorry to hear the bad news. You guys hang in there.

Re: cornea transplant

We will pray for you Penny, keep the fiath Chuck