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I am disgusted

I am disgusted. I wish someone would discuss something on this board. How many of you are planning on going to the USSVI Convention in Rochester Minnesota? I haven't decided yet. I usually look at this board a few times a week to see if anyone has anything to say. Haven't seen much in quite a while. I was just wondering if we are, what is left of us, are still alive.

Re: I am disgusted

Frenchy, I'm still here. Not sure about convention. I guess we all have boring lives and have nothing to say.

Re: I am disgusted

Well I have an excuse............I am dead. Dead tired, Dead bored, Dead sick of the rain.
I agree Frenchy, I guess our old Shipmates don't care anymore. The Med. Trip must be over.
I'm sure most have cabin fever and are waiting for the Spring to get here and perk us up.

Re: I am disgusted

As you may have guessed, as usual, I do have something to share with ya'll. For my indoctrination into the Holland Club, my base presented me with a copy of the book "UNDERSEA WARRIOR" by Don Keith. It's about the most prolific Submarine skipper of WWII, Dudly "Mush" Morton. It the true story of the war patrols of the USS Wahoo (SS-238). Two of the contributors to the book are members of my (THE VOLUNTEER) base. The inside cover had the insciption of all the base members.
I think you would enjoy the book very much. I don't think it's in paper back yet though, but it's the kind of book that you'll probably want to keep in your library anyway....


Re: I am disgusted

Frenchy, don't know if we are going or not yet. Wifes in FL for a month with her sister, we'll discuss it when she gets home.

Re: I am disgusted

Sorry I didn't address Frency's question regarding the Convention. I will probably be recovering from surgery then. In November of 2012 I had a colostomy. The surgeon plans on reversing it soon and I don't know how long the recover will take. I think you need to count Patsy and I out for now....

Re: I am disgusted

Hey! I'll go to the convention it we can get enough people.