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San Franseesko

I noticed a P.S. by Paul in a previous post. Don't know how many others read it???

"PS...anyone interested in the USSVI CONVENTION in San Francisco SEPT 2014? Mary Lou is VERY interested." (by Paul)

I could make it in a day and a half drive or less, depending on our plans, health, motivation and who is planning on going.


Re: San Franseesko

I'm giving it a lot of thought. Haven't seen any info on it

Re: San Franseesko


I got my info from this WEBSITE.

Technically the convention is at the the HYATT REGENCY in BURLINGAME, CA. across from San Francisco Airport which could be an advantage for many.

I received a call from Skip Glosser last week asking where the 2014 NATIONAL CONVENTION was being held and he went so far as to call the hotel and they put a hold on a room for him. He said that a standard "double" room was going for $90+, which surprised me as I thought it would be more.

I thought that the easiest way to kick-off another SS-407 reunion would be to tie in with a CONVENTION as it eases a lot of the planning tasks, etc.

I think I'm ready to kick-off another reunion if shipmates are interested. At the very least we could put a hospitality room together and have some fun.

Let me know.

Re: San Franseesko

Very interested having a reunion

Re: San Franseesko

Paul, my daughter said she would help me on a reunion.I can be gone from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon most times.I could attend for that time on the first day to getthe food,drinks and whatever in the room. I can make the reservations with the hotel for a room for the hospitality room.
I would be able to attend the last two days, Daughter will stay with Penny at that time and son-in-law will bring meto the reunion.
Let me know what you think.

Re: San Franseesko

I surely am interested....... but not sure if I can pull it off yet. Be a great opportunity to see our west coast shipmates again.

Re: San Franseesko

I'm interested- keep us posted

Re: San Franseesko

Hi Shipmates,

Looks like we may have 4 or 5 interested. Sadly, it's a long flight for a lot of you and it can be costly too. I think an e-male to our list of members and shipmates might get a few more responses. Besides it is a National USSVI event and some of the regular attendees and shipmates from other boats might show up. Even a hospitality room would work. Besides there is always a place to gather, have a cold one and swap sea stories. I'll do what I can to support a meeting of the shipmates. Nuff said.

Re: San Franseesko

Was at the local Subvets meeting Saturday. Some off the members plan on attending. The air fair is exspensive to San Fransisco from NJ. One member said he was quoted $1200 per person another said about $470 on one of the discount sites. A member is going by train and its a 4 day train ride and it was as exspensive as the $1200 air fair. I think about $2500 round trip for 2 people. I would check on it if your interested. The person that made reservations said the primary hotel is amost sold out. They ae plannng on a large turn out as this is the 50th anniversary of the USSVI.

Re: San Franseesko

definitely interested!