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Henry T. Wilkes EM2(SS) (??-1966) 10/5/2011
Dallas A. "Dal" Holmberg MMFN(SS) (1960-61) 2/14/2017
Alexander M. Sikora F1/c (1945-46) 3/27/2017
Carl O. Johnsen EN2(SS) (1946-49) 4/13/2017
Milledge B. "MORT"SN(SS) Cloud (1948-52) 6/29/2017
Raymond E. Marshall S1/c (1947-48) 7/8/2017
James L. "Jim" Hendershot QM3(SS) (1955-57) 8/10/2017
Thomas M. Russell III IC3(SS) (1950-52) 8/13/2017



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I was getting ready to make a post wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016, when I started thinking of where I celebrated this day during the time I was in the NAVY.

1961 - My RECRUIT TRAINING company had graduation a few day prior so I was able to make it home with the family. Then I reported to USS Rockbridge APA-228 in Little Creek VA.

1962 - I was attending ET/A School in Great Lakes and I never traveled home during my time there.

1963 - I had just reported aboard fro 2 weeks on the SAT before, so I'm pretty sure I ate on the boat. It was a slow week as I recall with all the JFK stuff going on, etc.

1964 - We had just entered into PNSY for overhaul. CS1(SS) Daniels put together a deer hunting party and we drove up near Elsworth ME. He had been stationed at a communication base nearby and knew people there that put us up for a few days while we ran around disturbing the local deer. We ended up returning with a buck and that is another story to be told. Anyway, some of us slept on the floor of a small workshop out back that the owner used to build / repair his lobster pots and his wife cooked dinner for us. It was memorable.

1965 & 1966 - We were in NLON and I was able to make it home to NJ

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my SHIPMATES and their families. I hope you all have a memorable day.

Re: THANKSGIVING DAY - by Goody - Dec 09, 2016